WSOP Online Bracelet Event #11

What do you think?

Written by Mike The Mouth


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  1. This guy is so ignorant. And so angry. And so negative. And so fragile. And so results oriented. Like what a Buffon.

    “I’m so good. One day you guys will understand.”

    Who says that ??????? Like who ???? You couldn’t be more insecure. Your poker game is winging it. Literally no strategy other than how a random situation feels to you at a random moment. And when you are right …. IM THE BEST !!!!!

    and when you’re wrong …


  2. At one point Mike actually criticizes someone for not calling $13,000 when he should be calling "with any pair" THEN literally doesn't take his own advice on a major hand that he's in.

    He also verbally says out loud "I hate opening and getting called, or reraised" then wonders why people always pop or repop him lightly. Everyone knows just by watching him stream these tournaments last year how easily he folds when pressure is applied. He again says out loud during this video "If I bet and they raise me, I fold. Real simple." Jesus man, either stop streaming your tournaments play or keep your mouth shut at this point because it is working against you.

    Stop focusing on how many people are in the stream as well, most of the people jumping in are basically cars that slow down to look at an accident.



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