WSOP Online Bracelet Event #8

What do you think?

Written by Mike The Mouth


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  1. This guy. My lord.

    “Look at the player stick 15,000 in with KJ. These players are so bad”

    As dude calls with K6 and proceeds to lose 23K+ by shoving turn into KJ

    “ guy just lost 15,000 with 5 high “
    As this guy proceeds to call every bb with any 2 he gets.

    “I’m playing so well. Everybody else sucks.”

    Dude I’m 1:40:00 through and you’ve had like 3 spots tops that were even remotely noteworthy.
    K6 hand you shouldn’t of played
    KQ hand that was very obvious turn was a semi bluff and river call was either nuts or you win. And your 76 hand which you “thought he had an overpair because if he did then you got 15 outs twice and you’re a favorite.”

    Try again. AA-QQ vs 67 ♦️ on a 587 board
    Makes YOU A 52.93% to 44.65% DOG

    like I get it. You’re good. You’re experienced. But damn bro. There are many people who play good. Everyone doesn’t suck. And if you want to be real about shit you didn’t play well this video.

    K6, and 67 were both self inflicted. Period.

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