職業選手的內心世界:Davidi Kitai @ 2016 WSOP (11)

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  1. I just want to say I think Davidi is a genius. I've been playing poker for almost 20 years and I learn so much from watching him play. Way more than in any videos of other pros.

    I'm stunned that he thinks 25:47 is a rare time for the BB to be bluffing though. The BB knows that Davidi probably has ZERO twos in his range. Whereas for the BB to be facing minraise, with the SB having called too, the BB is getting the right price to call w ANY suited 2. So even if he doesn't have the 2 here he could easily rep it.

    So personally, for that reason, I'm almost never folding folding here if I'm Davidi because I almost certainly don't have AK or KK in my range, so KQ is almost right at the top of it. And the BB knows that. So you can't just give him the ability to bluff you off here every time. But more than that I just think it's kind of shocking that Davidi things it's so unlikely the BB is bluffing here. It's kind of a standard bluffing spot, IMO. At least online it is. Live play is usually more conservative. I'd only fold if I thought the BB was a particularly tight player that didn't bluff much. And you wouldn't expect that type of player to even be playing in a $10k 6-max tourney, let alone be able to final table it.

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