加入我狩獵 WSOP 手鍊 #2

What do you think?

Written by Ethan Yau


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  1. Why don't you ask other vloggers how they sell action? There's got to be a good website that makes it really simple for people and no need to worry about taxes/fees through Shopify. You should also bring the new card protectors to your meet up game Sunday – save on shipping and most of your customers will be there!

  2. Hi Ethan, regards from the Philippines. Sorry you don’t feel well, hope you feel better soon. I wish you luck on your coming trip to Vegas. Have lots of fun and win lots of money. To top it of win your #2 bracelet. Good luck also on your trip next week to Austin. I think that selling a percentage of the Tournament action is a great idea. Have a wonderful time where ever you may go. Peace men✌🏼Ciao🌹

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