WSOP 主賽事 – Old School VS New School 撲克分析第 3 集

What do you think?

Written by Daniel Negreanu


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  1. Daniel, going back to a similar question I asked in your previous video, what do you think is the rationale of Joe's shove.
    That 5 bet shove shows so much strength considering your image. In that scenario I believe you would consider folding KK if you had there..
    If you have KK, against his shoving range you have 6 combos of AA where u are at 20% and 8 AK combos where u are ahead. And like you said he would shove a suited AK which is only 2 combos against your hypothetical KK at that spot. So my questions are would you fold KK that spot and is shoving the most optimal play for Joe considering your 4 bet range where he have you crushed. In other words would it be more optimal for him to give you rope to hang yourself.

  2. I was in Vegas this past weekend and I wanted to play, but I haven't studied in years. After watching you a few times this past year, I got scared to play, as I realized might have been BIG Fish now. This video just confirmed it and thank you for saving me money! lol

    Thank you for the simple breakdown too, it makes the modern play a little more understandable and fun :).

  3. Not questioning the logic here. Obviously a great fold. Although the assumption that joe perceived image of you is a key factor in all this analysis, isn't it? If. He has seen you playing scared of losing chips ( not that it can be true but if he thinks u r), then he should be jamming all pairs and all ax suited hands right? At the moment what he thinks about the situation remains a mystery. You can not possibly know that mathematically. Therefore, obviously there is extra bit of information that is required from his body language and his energy. You are not covering that part but I honestly think that's your strength and you should keep at it while playing any heads up match. I really hope you win the 3rd one.

  4. Hi Daniel. I tried to play well with Aces but, I’m usually short stacked. I, 4x it. Can I mix in Ace King and Kings with my 4x raising range? I tried nines, didn’t work. Ace 10 called and spiked a 10 on the flop. Thank you for your time and consideration. By the way, this video really helped, I wish I had access to this information 4 years ago when I had Kings and 3-bet. He 4-bet and I made the error of going all in, Aces held, of course.

  5. Daniel he went all in and you have AK it is the easiest fold in the world. No one is making that move with AQ or AJ KQ they have a pairt and now do you want to flip your whole tournament on AK> Easy fold straight to the muck. No even a thought to call there. Your flipping at best and crushed at worst. You are never ahead there EVER .

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