世界撲克系列賽又回來了! (撲克新聞)

What do you think?

Written by BluffTheSpot


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  1. I love Polk but atheism is frankly ridiculous. But I was also an atheist so it isn't like I don't get it. But even now a days after going through more experience with the Bible probably then any one else can say, It is as if I know it to be true yet get angry at God when things aren't going well now a days I freak and claim atheism on a pure hatred for someone who gave me new eternal birth. I suppose the point I am making is I feel there is a deeper reason why people feel requirement to mock the Bible and a God. Yet I don't understand how someone can be for order and morality and think they are a freak accident of nature beyond all odds and laws of science on how the world works to begin with.

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