我剛剛投了 10,000 美元嗎?!!? – 2020 WSOP 主賽事 – Poker Vlog 133

What do you think?

Written by Matt Vaughan


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  1. Great video and I loved the commentary and just the pure number of hands to go over along with the spots you took to bluff in (correctly). Min 3bets are usually aces or kings especially by regs. In fact you did it yourself earlier. That being said at the big blinds you had AKo is basically a cooler because you’re always going to be jamming it and not flatting. Would certainly watch your stream

  2. You gotta be more thoughtful with your bet sizing. You size up with made hands that folds out a lot of your opponents calling ranges. And then you size down with your bluffs and get the hands you want to fold to float. Bet what you’re repping, not what you have, and know whether you’re going for thin or thick value.

  3. You played an hour and a half work on your patience. You literally threw away your tournament for not wanting to fold 2bbs. I know you're thinking he could be on all kinds of other hands and you block AAs and KKs but you either call and play in position or fold in my opinion. You played for one hour man one fucking hour. You got the skills and technical aspect but invest in a mental coach and I can almost guarantee that you will cash this year.

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