2020 WSOP 在線 $600 無限制 6 人桌

What do you think?

Written by Daniel Negreanu


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  1. Q5 suited in a 3way raised pot out of position, then check call all your chips away. Nice job.

    FOLD PREFLOP I don't care what BS you would say to try and defend it. You sound extremely defensive when criticized and think you know everything. You are CLEARLY not a winning tournament player online and just a product of the Livestream/Sponsorship crowd. High and mighty but no profits $$$

  2. Well done again DNegs. You don't need my advice but here it is anyway … once you get to final 100, call more pre and see more flops, play more hands .

    Repeatedly it seems you are maintaining your pre cashing strategy of playing pre flop quite tight. Folding quite a number of what turn into winning hands pre, where you could have seen the flop cheaply. That ultimately, while this strategy will put you in more risky situations too and expose you to bad variance more …. you know how to manage that post flop risk well. On the flip side, it would have paid off for you in net and resulted a few truly deep, final table type run several times this year.

  3. Thought you might find this interesting since you're on a plant based diet and keto kept coming up on your stream. But the University of Oregon (I think) published a study a couple years ago where they looked at saturated fat's impact on the keto diet, and found that while animal based saturated fats are super bad for you (strong correlation to heart disease), plant based saturated fats are not. I saw another study from maybe 10 years ago that looked at coconut milk, and didn't find negative health effects from the high saturated fat content.

    So as you'd expect, the people who say eating a ton of bacon every day can be healthy are probably wrong. But you can do keto in a healthy way, you just need to do it vegan or near vegan, at least as far as the fat goes.

    There's not a ton of studies looking at this yet, so this could be wrong. But it tracks pretty well with common sense. Olive oil good, bacon bad.

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