2020 WSOP Online $100 WSOP MILLIONS 第 1 天

What do you think?

Written by Daniel Negreanu


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  1. daniel your a fish. a 50z reg on stars could have a 10bb winrate against you. and please don't say when you lose to doug its because u didnt have time to prepare. your saying this on purpose so when you get shit on for 20bb/100 it will be an excuse. used to love u man but all this shit recently is just an act. your old and you act like a 16 year old

  2. Hey Daniel,Zach's cousin said you meantioned our trip to your Home, last January,I didn't know how to send you a private message,,,I lost my Zach on March 21st 2020,I Thank you from the bottom of my ❤️,Good Luck in your Tournaments Wish I could play you,in a real Game…Bahaha maybe this ole Country momma could give you a run for your money…PS Zach played well in 2019 He listened to your Tips #muchLove

  3. It's stupid that streamers can't play music they own in the background. It comes through low quality and mostly muted on our side anyway, so not like anyone is going to pirate copies of the song this way. If anything, it's free advertising for the artists & record companies that would lead to more sales as viewers are exposed to new artists. It'd be different if he's piping the music directly into the stream full quality, but he's not. I mean, it's no different than having a painting by a professional artist hanging on the wall in the background, or is that illegal too?

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