2020 WSOP 在線 $1,500 底池限注奧馬哈

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Written by Daniel Negreanu


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  1. In the last four months I've lost around 130-150 times to turn or river cards and 2-6 outers and two times to a one outer in crucial tournament spots (on GG and a smaller Finnish site) plus lost about 70 percent of my flips and haven't won ONE BIN in a cash game after March. I counted that I should be around 15 000 – 30 000 on the plus side minimum, instead 3000 on the minus. This is the worst poker year of my life and I've always run really bad, I talked with my good poker friend and showed him pics and setups and he said that he's never even heard of someone running so bad. Quit online poker in the process, if I even open the software I get a headache. So yeah, Daniel is running horribly.

  2. At 14:15 ish I think I might prefer a call in that spot as you're more likely to get called behind than raising and being called with worse 3 way there with a player still left to act behind. To go along with that, the player behind could some of the time try to make a sick play feeling your call is rather weak and might think the original better doesn't have what they are repping, which obviously has to be a chance of being the case as he close to snap folded to your raise?

  3. I had the craziest hand and it had to be set up but you never know

    I get AA and raise every time and my opponent calls with 10 5 clubs and flop is 7heart 2club 4diamond

    turn is 9club and river is 8 club i raise all the time and opponent hit runner flush. very strange could be hero call but you never know.

    GGpoker is okay to play i would say considering the fact I got 500% bonus on my deposit with their latest promotion on depositing through bitcoin on their site so very glad to have good advantage like 2500$ in play on only depositing 500$ and the software is nice as well. But I can't be sure whether it is rigged or not as I have won and faced no issues in withdrawing

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