World Series of Poker 手鍊開箱!

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  1. This video is pretty epic. Never heard any professional poker player won a WSOP Bracelet at a parking lot early in the morning playing online WSOP Tournament. Ryan should keep on playing WSOP tournaments to try to win more WSOP bracelets every year consecutively. This won't be an easy feat for any professional poker players out there to achieve that goal.

  2. Congrats Man. Seriously. I know, this is an old video… I know.

    I just watched the other one, where you won it…. I just found your channel….

    I almost feel like, the STORY, is so amazing, so out there… Let's assume some sanity enters the picture someday, and we can play poker online, like the rest of the civilized world… that story is legendary… You're gonna be sitting there, years from now, like, gather around kids, lemme tell you how I won my first bracelet…. I drove my car to New Jersey, sat in a parking lot next to a highway, in the middle of the frickin night, by myself, with my laptop on the dashboard, and won a bracelet playing poker in my car…..

    True Legend. I don't see how that story is ever topped…..

    As Bill Parcells told the Giants after they won the Super Bowl: "For the rest of your life, NO ONE can ever tell you you couldn't do it…." Huge.

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