與荷蘭博伊德一起跑回來| WSOP 2006 手鐲獲勝

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  1. I agree, I remember the big losses more than the big wins. Ofcorce there's sessions that you'll never forget but. I thinks it works like that because us poker players expect to win, and when that happens it's like" well yeah, I won, im supposed to win". Then the 2 outer comes and THAT was not supposed to happen. Hits you in the gut. Got news for you guys calling just because you "have the blocker" the deck doesn't care, the 1% can and will peel off.

  2. Duty is being SO REAL, SO HONEST, that Rem doesn’t even have time to set up the exciting finish to this headsup battle.
    So great to be willing to open up like this. Seems as tho Dutch has been able to let go a little of the grip poker had on his life. But when he said that this tourney score was only able to get him outta markup, I knew that this was a man who had run the gamut of poker success and failure.
    What a great interview. Thanks Dutch. These r important interviews too. Poker is not always glamorous. It’s often dirty. Like the Orleans bathroom

  3. There's a part of this interview that really bothers me. Dutch alludes to Hachem's comment that he "always gets it in good", and how that if you "add up all times your a 3:1 favorite, eventually that's going to catch up to you."

    Dutch is a literal genius…so why is he talking as if he believes that the previous outcomes of hands have any influence on future hands? If Hachem gets it in as a 3:1, he's a 3:1, every, individual, time. Come on Dutch!!!!

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