2020 WSOP 在線 $5,000 主賽事第一天

What do you think?

Written by Daniel Negreanu


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  1. IMPORTANT – There actually was a prize and it was big to the average guy, but to the best in the world of a competition that could afford it, it was an insult. So the best in the world said f u, and gave one of the best plays any sport has ever seen. Glad you mentioned it. Gl in the tourney!

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  4. he actually doesn't realize it's rigged. nobody can predict what cards are coming but the cards are not random. everybody can win, if you play the way the programmers want. that QT hand, he played exactly like i would post flop and he got the same result. notice how the board nailed both hands. i don't get how pros don't see it, they just blame it on the # of hands played

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